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Chart showing comparing the reported federal deficit to the true federal deficit from 2001 to 2019
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2018 Financial State of the Union (Released 4/11/2019)

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U.S. Government owes more than it owns.
U.S. Government's Taxpayer Burden™ is $693,000, and received an "F" from TIA.
U.S. Government is a Sinkhole without enough assets to cover its debt.
Elected officials have created a Taxpayer Burden™, which is each taxpayer's share of the government's bills after its available assets have been tapped.
TIA's Taxpayer Burden™ measurement incorporates both assets and liabilities, including unfunded Social Security and Medicare promises.
U.S. Government only has $3.8 trillion of assets available to pay bills totaling $108.9 trillion.
Because U.S. Government doesn't have enough money to pay its bills, it has a $105.1 trillion financial hole. To fill it, each taxpayer would have to send $693,000 to the federal government.
Although the Treasury Department does not include unfunded Social Security and Medicare promises on the federal balance sheet, these liabilities are included in this analysis.

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MIA defense spending – a crucial cost of war

NOVEMBER 15, 2019 | THE HILL | by Sarah Wagner

The United States government spends upward of $140 million per year to recover and identify the remains of the 81,000 unaccounted-for service members from World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War and the Persian Gulf War. … Because I have spent the last decade studying the MIA accounting effort, I'm often asked whether I think it's worth pouring all this money and effort into recovering and identifying these war dead. …  It's not a zero-sum game: these efforts make clear the steep human costs of war.