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State treasurer wants to refinance your high-cost student loan – with state money

APRIL 18, 2019 | CRAIN’S CHICAGO BUSINESS | by Steve Daniels

The House overwhelmingly passed a bill to permit the treasurer to allocate 5 percent of state cash to cut student debt.

Baton Rouge No. 2 for underfunded pension liabilities


As of 2016, over 50% of Baton Rouge’s revenues were obligated to pay for pensions, but the city-parish only paid roughly half of what was due, The Wall Street Journal reports.

New Chicago mayor faces same old financial crisis


The wide-margin victory of Lori Lightfoot in the runoff election for Chicago mayor is no surprise, and neither is the reaction of many news outlets. In contemporary politics and society, the gender, race and personal life of Mayor-elect Lightfoot get major emphasis.

State pension plans’ gain in funded ratios is offset by cuts in return expectations

APRIL 18, 2019 | THE BOND BUYER | by Brian Tumulty

The extended bull market in the U.S. has led to only modest gains in the funded ratios for many state pension plans because they are in the midst of a multiyear reduction in their expected rates of return.

Oregon gov. releases plan to stabilize public pension system


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has released her plan to improve the funding for the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS).  The state’s retirement system currently has a funded level of 80%, and rates are projected to increase until 2035.  

Taxing and spending

APRIL 18, 2019 | MEMPHIS FLYER (TENNESSEE) | by Bruce Van Wyngarden

So April 15th has come and gone. Did you get a refund? Or did you have to send a check to Uncle Sam? It turns out that millions of Americans who are used to getting a refund from the IRS are having to pay up this year.

Garden State versus Sunshine State: When will the retirement migration end?

APRIL 17, 2019 | BORN2INVEST | by Bryan Kuderna

New Jersey has become a case study for financial disaster (forgive the cynical language, but you try to define the NJ balance sheet and budget in one word).

It really is that hard to balance the budget

APRIL 17, 2019 | SENTINEL-TRIBUNE (OHIO) | by Gary Lee

Is federal deficit spending a problem? You bet. But it isn’t our biggest problem yet.

No, California’s finances are not back in black

APRIL 17, 2019 | FORBES | by Patrick Gleason

It’s happening again. People who should know better are pointing to California’s current budget surplus as proof that the state, the world’s fifth largest economy, is in sound financial shape.

Illinois, quit suspending driver's licenses for unpaid parking tickets

APRIL 17, 2019 | CHICAGO SUN-TIMES | by Ben Ruddell, Brian Costin

While the ACLU and Americans for Prosperity might not always see eye to eye on matters of policy, we can agree that it makes no sense to take away a person’s ability to drive and earn a living for reasons that have nothing to do with keeping our roads safe — especially the inability to pay a fine.

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