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State Nominal GDP: Total, Private, and Government

Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis
Latest Data: 2022
Release Timing: May
Frequency: Annual
Contact: Clifford Woodruff, 202-606-9234, gdpbystate@bea.gov

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) defines state gross domestic product, GDP, as the counterpart of the nation's gross domestic product (GDP). Nominal GDP by state is the sum of the GDP originating in all the industries in a state without being adjusted for inflation.

For state GDP, the BEA uses an income (as opposed to spending) approach.  The BEA sums incomes earned by labor and capital together with the costs incurred in the production of goods and services, with taxes included as some of those costs. With state GDP computed on an income approach and national GDP on a spending approach, discrepancies result from the sum of state GDP and the reported national GDP. 

The BEA calculates GDP at the state level for both “Private” and “Government” sectors, both of which are given here, as well as the share of the total GDP for both of those sectors. Nominal GDP--Government Share of State GDP is the Nominal GDP--Government divided by the total Nominal GDP of the state expressed as a percentage. Nominal GDP--Private Share of State GDP is the Nominal GDP--Private divided by the total Nominal GDP of the state expressed as a percentage.