Intergovernmental Expenditures

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Latest Data: 2021
Release Timing: Following Year
Frequency: Annual
Contact: 1 (866) 820-7210,

Intergovernmental expenditures are "amounts paid to other governments as fiscal aid in the form of shared revenues and grants-in-aid, as reimbursements for performance of general government activities and for specific services for the paying government, or in lieu of taxes. Excludes amounts paid to other governments for purchase of commodities, property, or utility services, any tax imposed and paid as such, and employer contributions for social insurance-e.g., contributions to the Federal Government for Old Age, Survivors', Disability, and Health Insurance for government employees."

For analytical purposes, this data point has been indexed to 2005. Accordingly, 2005 = 1, and any value greater than one indicates growth, while any value less than one indicates decline.