Government Employment

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Latest Data: 2022
Frequency: Annual

This data is for the number of jobs in government and government enterprises from the Bureau of  Labor Statistics (BLS).  The data given is for government employees at all levels in a given state.  Government Employment - Federal refers to the number of employed persons working in that state for the federal government.  Government Employment - State refers to the number of persons employed in state government, and Government employment - Local refers to the number of employed persons in local government.  The Government Employment- Total refers to the total number of employed persons in government at all levels in that state.

Economists use index numbers for quick comparisons between sets of data across time. The Government Employment Indexed to 2009 measure is calculated by identifying 2009 as the "base year" and scaling all the total government employment figures for the state to that year.

Government employment in Cities is the total number of persons employed by all levels of government in each city.  

The data was collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics' "State and Area Employment, Hours, and Earnings," tables for the industry of government not seasonally adjusted.