Exports and Imports by State

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Latest Data: 2022
Frequency: Annual

The export data here are for "State Exports by NAICS Commodities." According to the trade definitions reported by U.S. Census Bureau, exports are defined as "the total physical movement of merchandise out of the United States to foreign countries whether such merchandise is exported from within the U.S. Customs territory or from a CBP bonded warehouse or a U.S. Foreign Trade Zone."

The import values shown here are for "State Imports by NAICS Commodities." Imports are defined as “the total physical arrivals of merchandise from foreign countries, whether such merchandise enters consumption channels immediately or is entered into bonded warehouses or Foreign Trade Zones under CBP custody.” The figures given are annual 12-month averages for Imports of Goods by State of Destination by NAICS-Based Product and come from U.S. International Trade Data from the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Author:  U.S. Census Bureau: Economic Indicators Division USA Trade Online. Source: U.S. Import and Export Merchandise trade statistics. For more information about the data, see the technical documentation.