Expenditures Per Pupil, Current

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Latest Data: 2021
Frequency: Annual
Contact: Patrick Keaton, (202) 502-7386

"Current expenditures include instruction, instruction-related, support services, and other elementary/secondary current expenditures, but exclude expenditures on capital outlay, other programs, and interest on long-term debt." The total current expenditures, in dollars, is divided by the total number of students enrolled in grades K-12, throughout each state. Under the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002, the Director of IES is required to report biennially to the President, the Secretary of Education, Congress and the public on the activities of the IES Centers. 

Source: Annual Survey of School System Finances, Table 8.  Per Pupil Amounts for Current Spending of Public Elementary-Secondary School Systems by State