New OPEB database now available!

Truth in Accounting has launched a new database outlining the financial condition of other post-employment benefit plans in all 50 states. See the fiscal condition of your state's retiree health care plans here.  READ MORE

The Financial State of the 3 Largest U.S. Cities

Truth in Accounting has released its newest analyses of the financial condition of New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago.  READ MORE

Are you living in a zombie state?

Our pension database is updated!

Check out our pension database for the latest analyses of the states' largest pension systems.  READ MORE

New: Financial State of the States 2018

Read the full report here!  READ MORE

At a glance: Economic recovery since the 2008 financial crisis

Public-sector union workers by state

Where should you live?

Map: Bachelor's Degree holders by state

How we calculate the 'true' national debt

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