Prominent Americans have endorsed our accounting methods, publications, and tools.

“While other organizations have compared the states’ unfunded retirement liabilities, only this report [The Financial State of the States] has determined the overall financial condition of every state.” - Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker

"The IFTA’s State Data Lab website is the kind of resource I’ve been wishing that think tanks had for almost a decade.  The site is intuitive, the list of indicators is exhaustive but not intimidating, and the fact that users can download both data and print-ready images of their findings make it a no-brainer resource for policy analysts, bloggers, and fact-finders." - John Hill, Senior Policy Analyst, Alabama Policy Institute

“The Institute for Truth in Accounting has the most comprehensive look at the fifty states' assets and liabilities, including state employee pensions and benefits. State Data Lab is a valuable, time-saving tool for policy organizations wanting to get a deeper look into state government finances.” - John Tillman, CEO, Illinois Policy Institute

"The State Data Lab is the best single point for citizens, planners, investors, journalists and especially politicians to get comprehensive fiscal information. America is heading for a crisis of historic proportions with our state and municipal governments. State Data Lab is an essential tool to fix it." - Frank Keegan, Editor, StateBudgetSolutions.org