• Tennessee is a Sunshine State and has the 8th best per Taxpayer Surplus
  • Tennessee has $15 billion to pay the state's bills totaling $13 billion
  • The state has $2 billion in available assets after state debt is paid, amounting to $1,100 per taxpayer
  • The Tennessee financial statements clearly report $734 million of retirement liabilities, but in reality the state has nearly $4 billion of unfunded retirement promises
  • The Tennessee Taxpayer Surplus is 3% of an average citizen's personal income of $39,324
  • Outbound moves from Tennessee were 49%, which usually means more people are moving into the state
For a comprehensive look into the state's financial position, read the Tennessee Financial State of the State

Link to TN CAFR:   Tennessee Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Publishing Entity:  Tennessee Division of Accounts

Truth in Accounting’s methodology is unique, analyzing all state assets and liabilities, including unreported pension and retirement health liabilities.