• Illinois is a Sinkhole State with the 2nd worst per Taxpayer Burden
  • Illinois has only $28 billion to pay the state's bills totaling $204 billion
  • To fill its $176 billion financial hole, each taxpayer would have to send $43,400 to the state
  • The Illinois financial statements clearly report $37 billion of retirement liabilities, but in reality the state has more than $147 billion of unfunded retirement promises
  • The Illinois Taxpayer Burden is 93% of an average citizen's personal income of $46,780
  • Despite a goal of 180 days, Illinois took 243 days after its fiscal year end to release last year's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
  • Outbound moves from Illinois were 61%, the 2nd highest of all the states, which usually means more people are moving out of the state
For a comprehensive look into the state's financial position, read the Illinois Financial State of the State

Link to IL CAFR:     Illinois Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Publishing Entity:   Illinois Comptroller

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