Complimentary Downloads

Truth in Accounting™ (TIA™) offers a number of publications for comlimentary download, including our Financial State of the States™ report. For the sixth year, the Financial State of the States reviewed each state's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to offset assets against liabilities.  A detailed analysis of states' pension and health care liabilities was completed to uncover all of the states'.  From these calculations, Truth in Accounting™ was able to determine the true Taxpayer Burden for all fifty states.  

Former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker says, "The 'Financial State of the States' appears to be the first study of its kind.  While other organizations have compared the states’ unfunded retirement liabilities, only this study has determined the overall financial condition of every state."

2016 states (as of 4/17/17)

Download the 2015 Financial State of the States here. 

Download the 2014 Financial State of the States here. 

Download the 2013 Financial State of the States here.

Download the 2012 Financial State of the Stateshere.

Download the 2012 Appendices including Each State's Financial State of the State.

Download the 2011 Financial State of the States™  here.

Download Cook County's 2013 Municipal Report here.

Download an Individual State's 2012 Report here.  (2011) (2010)

Download the 2010 Financial State of the States™ here.  (9 MB PDF)

Download the 2009 Financial State of the States™ here. 

Download the "Illinois Budget Transparency Study" here.

Download the "Truth About Balanced Budgets:  A Fifty State Study" here.  (9 MB PDF)